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(16-bit) Russio (16-bit) Russio

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Brilliant, now I'm having a fit!

33-seconds of 16-bit madness is a perfect description!
I thought it was awesome, complete madness.
Very nice art style, the animation is sublime and the whole thing is really well edited together.
I don't think it's too fast or too short.
When you animate something it's very tempting to have it play for longer than necessary just because you spent time making it.
The whole point of the animation is to have it all move and cut quickly, that's why it works so well.
The only disappointing aspect is that you can't play the game!

Well done.

Oh, and to answer your additional questions- It doesn't need additional SFX and a mustache can't possibly be too active!

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Surn responds:

So you're saying the frantic pace was not a flaw but a good thing? Interesting. Thanks for your review.

Copcicles Copcicles

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty funny

Well, the object of a trailer is to make you want to watch a movie, and so this one is a success.
Liked the voice over, nice and cheesy just like every Hollywood film.
For something that is really just a bit of fun, the animation was better than it needs to be. The mouths were especially well done.
Loved the burning chicken!
The art won't win any awards but it gets the job done.
Keep up the good work.

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Eyelidbrower Eyelidbrower

Rated 3 / 5 stars

well, it's different....

There's some real technical ability on show here, it would be nice to see it applied to something with a slightly less purile theme.
I did chuckle at the end though- the creatures being wiped out by AIDS was, I guess, a take on the Aliens in War of the Worlds being defeated by common bacteria.
Or maybe I'm reading too much into it!
Anyway, get over your penis obsession and maybe create something a bit more high brow next time!

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MarkSW responds:

haha.. Who could think this flash would be compared with War of the Worlds.. :)
and I unfortunattely can't do anything with my penis obsession. I tried but it's useless :)

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Jetpack Jerome Jetpack Jerome

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

What a load of rubbish...

Well, that was my first reaction as I zipped up the screen at full speed and then ran out of fuel....
Once I got the hang of it I was hooked! Very clever little dynamic rewarding patience- Slow and steady IS the only way.

Well done!

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TheVillageBlacksmith responds:

I'm glad you gave it a second chance! Thanks for playing. :)

Vectrix Vectrix

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Trippy as hell, maaaan!

Wow, that is lovely. Absolutely essential to add the full screen option, well done.

I'd prefer not to have to have to shoot anything personally, just flying down the trippy tunnel is enough for me!


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The Bastard Game The Bastard Game

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice idea, needs work

OK, so first of all, well done for making something original.
Took me a few goes to really get it, then I realised it was cleverer than I gave it credit.
I like the graphics, black and white is nice. Sometimes less is more and this whole game can be described as minimalist.
I just think that a little bit more work would have made the most of the idea.
Obviously, the re-setting of the score is a known bug. So fix it.
The biggest annoyance for me (apart from the deliberate ones!) was the lack of feedback when you did hit the edge.
Having your score re-set to zero alone is not enough. You don't have to go nuts, just flash the screen white or invert the colours or something. It would add a lot.
If there's bugs that can re-set the score then you definitely need to know it was your fault.
Great concept though, just worthy of being a more polished game.

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Kwing responds:

I'm not sure why you're complaining about my anti-cheats, as they're there for a reason. As for the second complaint... Yeah, thanks! When I was testing this I would suddenly realize my score had dropped and it was because I had hit the walls without realizing it.

I'm not sure if the score simply resetting when you click is what you're calling a resetting bug, but I haven't noticed any real bugs that I hadn't intended on.

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NGHH'11 - Cynic vs MadFLeX NGHH'11 - Cynic vs MadFLeX

Rated 5 / 5 stars

How good is that?!

Yeah, really good. Not listened to any rap on here anywhere near as good as this....

Hybrid Rainbow (DEMO) Hybrid Rainbow (DEMO)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Wow, a real song!

This makes a real change from the usual electronica on the audio portal.
It is a shame that the recording quality is poor. Sorry, but it really is!
It certainly should inspire you to spend a day in the studio or at least buy a cheap and cheerful condenser mic.
Your voice deserves better. The guitar though, sounds better.
The recording quality being lo-fi kinda suits it, like an old folk song on scratchy vinyl!
I look forward to hearing more of your stuff, better recording will be a big bonus but make sure it never sounds too produced because it would lose a lot of its charm. Something like Adam Green would be my aim if I were you.
So, well done!

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Ryanson responds:

Dunno if it's too late to ask -- PM me who Adam Green is?

Encore (PRE) Encore (PRE)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Really nice, lose the drums!

This is a lovely tune, nice gentle swings of mood between melancholy and then hope.
The beginning is the best bit, it gently rises really well like the sun coming up and you've dragged it out nicely without rushing on to the next bit.
The piano and strings work really well together but when the strings rise we don't need the drums yet. When they do come in they sound unnecessary anyway. You say they are to break the mood, but that's exactly the problem. I was enjoying the mood.
A nice rising timpani will sound better and more authentic with the rest of the piece.
Having the piano play the melody twice at the end is a bit unnecassary- one would be enough.

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